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Reaching Sustainability

Humanity is on a course of growth. We have grown in numbers; our use of resource is rapidly increasing leading to depletion; our activities are expanding in all areas; technological and social transitions are taking placing at an ever more rapid speed. This course is unsustainable on a finite planet in a precarious equilibrium. As a result of our being in the world, our children and grandchildren will inherit a planet no longer able to support their lives, and even less so, to nurture their dreams. With this course continuing for some time, most of us will see dramatic changes within our lifespan.

Sustainability is a necessity for humanity in order to survive as a species. Practices and technologies that do not harm the basis of our existence need to be developed and put in use. A value system and consciousness integrating sustainability in a similar way as they integrate social norms need to form.

Moving Beyond Sustainability

We do not want to stop at sustainability. We believe, we can move beyond sustainability. We are an amazingly able species. We can transform ourselves and develop what is needed to live rich lives that are not reduced to mere necessities. Together, we can use our capabilities to meet the challenges posed to us by a disrespected planet. We can develop practices that are based on a deep reverence for the natural world and all parts of humanity and by doing so not just meet the challenges but emerge from the crisis richer and more able than ever before. We believe that we, the humans, are able to transform ourselves and manage Earth's resources in a way that will ensure a thriving life on a healthy planet - for all.

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